A Community Pharmacist Service to Treat Minor Ailments

Are you suffering from one of the following conditions?

Athletes Foot Bites & Stings Headache/Fever/HeadCold
Conjunctivitis Hay Fever Fungal Nail infection
Sore Throat Head Lice Indigestion/Heartburn
Teething Diarrhoea Nasal Congestion
Infant Colic Constipation Dry or Chesty Cough
Cold Sores Threadworms Vaginal Thrush
Nappy Rash Scabies Warts & verrucas

You don’t need to wait to see a doctor as you can get advice and treatment from Prestwich Pharmacy. If you are registered with a GP in Bury CCG you can come straight to Prestwich Pharmacy, where you will be seen by a trained member of staff, without an appointment. You must come to Prestwich Pharmacy in person (or take the child with you if that is the patient), so a full assessment can be carried out. Pregnant and breast-feeding woman are not eligible for Care at the Chemist.

We will ask you about your symptoms, any other medication you are taking and any illnesses you suffer from. All information supplied to us treated confidentially. You may not always need medication, but we can supply an appropriate medicine and advice on how best to deal with your symptoms.
If you don’t normally pay for your prescriptions, treatment will be free.

We will ask you to sign a form similar to the reverse of a prescription and ask for evidence of any exemption from prescription charges.

If you are suffering from one of the above minor ailments ask for help at Prestwich Pharmacy under Care at the Chemist.

Need help? Contact our qualified staff today.