How does it work?

A key part of the success of the Bowen Technique is that it works by stimulating your Central Nervous System, particularly the autonomic nervous system (consisting of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems). Most of us have busy stressful lives, using adrenal energy to keep us going.  This dominant fight/flight mechanism is part of the sympathetic nervous system and prevents the body from relaxing, rejuvenating and repairing. We simply cannot turn off.Bowen switches us into parasympathetic mode which is essential for healing. This is when the body is able to relax and release stress from deep levels, resulting in balance, re-alignment, relaxation of muscles and the re-establishment of homeostasis and harmony in systemic function e.g. digestive or hormonal. This is why many clients find Bowen sessions to be very relaxing, drifting into a deep place of calmness or even sleep.  I’ve had it described by clients as being like ‘floating on air’.Healing may then be activated to accelerate recovery. It may also be re-activated if it has plateaued, which often occurs after long-standing injuries, issues, trauma and even post-operatively.Bowen ultimately allows the body to recognise and remember its own ability to bring about positive change, healing and recovery.

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